Call for Submissions: FEDN Conference Virtual Booths (Members Only)

2021 FEDN Conference Virtual Booth Submissions

The FEDN Secretariat at CIPE is pleased to host the first all-FEDN conference! This virtual, two-day conference, held on June 28th & 29th, will serve as a compliment to the World Movement for Democracy and convene leaders and advocates under the theme of "Towards Successful Transitions: Economic Recovery and Democratic Renewal."

Our virtual conferencing software provides opportunities to create virtual “booths” where you may feature your innovative research and projects, recent accomplishments, or demonstrate your expertise on the issues all FEDN members are passionate about.

The FEDN Secretariat is seeking concise but informative content submissions from network members. Examples of such content could include videos, papers or excerpts, exciting research ideas, infographics, speeches or excerpts, and anything in between and beyond. We encourage a variety of submission types that best represent your contributions to FEDN, free markets, and democracy.

Please submit up to five key pieces of content. If you would like conference participations to view more of your content beyond your submissions, you may include a link on the last page of this submission form.

If you are submitting video or audio material, we ask that this material be limited to 5-10 minutes per submission, so that conference participants may access as many FEDN booths as possible during the conference.

Submission deadline: June 18, 2021

Please direct any questions you have to Thank you in advance for your submissions!

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