Ruslan Stefanov

Bulgaria, Eastern Europe & Eurasia
Areas of Expertise
Corruption Informality
Center for the Study of Democracy

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Event Recap: Economic Informality – Crisis, Recovery, and Collective Action

| On April 6th, CIPE and FEDN held a virtual event "Economic Informality – Crisis, Recovery, and Collective Action. The discussion, moderated by CIPE's Director of Policy & Program Learning Kim Bettcher, featured several FEDN members.

Why Corrosive Capital is a Danger to the Future of Eastern Europe?

| On August 26, 2021 a Zoom discussion was held on corrosive capital and how it can be a danger to the future of Eastern Europe.

Democracy That Delivers #158: Ruslan Stefanov and Martina Hrvolova on CIPE’s Program on Corrosive Capital

| In this podcast Stefanov and Hrvolova discuss CIPE’s corrosive capital work in the Balkans.

Democracy that Delivers – Corrosive Capital’s Effects on Democracy’s Institutions

| CIPE continues to examine how foreign investments by China and Russia are impacting democratic institutions in many recipient countries.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Engines of Growth

| This document discusses several topics including defining entrepreneurship, how to develop it, and cultivating entrepreneurship with access to foreign markets.

The Challenge of Changing the Old Mindset

| The process of market transition in Eastern Europe has been difficult because building democratic and market institutions requires in-depth reforms and necessitates changing the old mindsets, which is a very difficult issue.