COVID-19 Generation in Serbia

On Tuesday, September 28, CIPE hosted an inaugural Youth Leadership Conference bringing together CIPE staff, local partners, and relevant organizations from around the world to raise awareness about the most pressing challenges facing youth in the context of the pandemic. The Conference demonstrated private sector-led solutions to current youth issues and showcased the research and advocacy projects of the Youth Leaders selected as part of CIPE’s Youth Leadership Program. FEDN member Miloš Nikolić, President of Libek (Serbia), took part in a panel discussion highlighting the generation gap of the pandemic’s impact.

CIPE’s Youth Leadership Conference aimed to foster dialogue, spark ideas, and encourage bold thinking about ways in which the private sector and multi-stakeholder collaboration can meet the needs of today’s youth.

Building on CIPE’s previous work engaging with youth as future civic, political, and business leaders, the Youth Leadership Program is a four-month, non-residential program that aims to both increase the visibility of economic issues affecting youth, who are critical actors in the COVID-19 response, and to create a platform for young people to amplify their voices. CIPE selected five outstanding Youth Leaders from Nigeria, Rwanda, the Philippines, Zambia, and Kenya. Each leader conducted either an advocacy or research project around the themes “Youth and Private Enterprise” or “Youth and Democracy” and shared their insights during this event. You can learn more about the Program and the Youth Leaders here.