Jehan Ara

Pakistan, Asia
Katalyst Labs

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Entrepreneurship Profiles – Creating a Policy and Enabling Environment for Entrepreneurship

| In the western highlands city of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, CIPE and local partner Red Nacional de Grupos Gestores (RNGG) have fostered a growing entrepreneurial community through the Xelajú Naranja program.

Democracy That Delivers #163: Jehan Ara on the Digital Transformation in Pakistan and Developing Economies

| In this episode, Jehan and CIPE’s Regional Director for Global, Anna Kompanek, discuss some successes and challenges seen in Pakistan when it comes to advancing digital transformation of business, and the economy more broadly.

Pakistan’s Cyber Crime Bill Has Free Speech Advocates and Business Community Worried

| P@SHA, a CIPE partner and one of the most effective advocate for business enabling policies has been playing the key role in raising collective voice of business community on every platform.

Exploring Frontiers of Entrepreneurship at GEC Milan

| Emerging markets are the first frontier. While commonly described as factor-driven or efficiency-driven economies, emerging markets contain pockets of innovation and entrepreneurial ambition.

Breaking down barriers to Pakistani youth entrepreneurship in ICT

| Growth in Pakistan’s information and communication technologies (ICT) sector has continued even during the challenging economic situation that the world has faced the past few years.

Public Hearing of E-Crime Law – P@SHA Advocacy Efforts Start Reaping Benefits

| CIPE has been supporting advocacy efforts of the Pakistan Software Houses Association (P@SHA). On October 5th, 2009, this process led P@SHA to prepare and launch the IT & ITES Sector Business Agenda for Pakistan.

Women Leadership in Pakistan – A Change in the Making

| Since the beginning of its program in Pakistan, CIPE has been advocating to bring professional and independent CEOs to business associations.